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The 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages of 2022

The 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages of  2022


Before purchasing a new guinea pig cage, there are many things to consider. The guinea pig cage market is vast and filled with incorrect information. Due to this, customers must research guinea pig cages before bringing their guinea pig home.  

Offbeat Club cages and other guinea pig cage companies are working hard to make sure that the guinea pig cage industry is changing for the better. Here at Offbeat Club, we make cages that are not only affordable, but durable. With our perfect sized grid holes and our sturdy, anti-leak proof coroplast bottom, our cage has become a top contender in the guinea pig cage market. 

Guinea pigs’ health is our number one priority and we made sure to only include guinea pig cages that are of the same quality we expect from our cages. All of our choices have been thoroughly researched and are not sponsored, so you can trust these guinea pig cage selections. 

Please refer to our article, “C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs” for more help deciding on what the best cage size is for your guinea pigs as these top ranking guinea pig cages can house from 1-6 guinea pigs. Depending on how many guinea pigs you are housing, you might have to upgrade the size of the cages that are listed.



Sizes of Guinea Pig Cages, Guinea pigs in square grids of sizes 2x3 2x4 2x5 2x6


Our Top 10 Guinea Pig Cages


Best Overall Cage for Guinea Pigs: Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club

Best Guinea Pig Cage with Lid:  Living World Deluxe Habitat - Rabbit Cage


Best Wooden Cage for Guinea Pigs :  Extra Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage with Optional Roof


Best Cage for Kids or Young Guinea Pig Owners: 4X2 C&C Cage with Loft & Ramp


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Beginners:  Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club

Best Guinea Pig Cage for Affordability: Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories - 42 x 24 x 20 Inches, Large

Best Guinea Pig Cage for Durability: Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club

Best Guinea Pig Cage for Luxury:  XL with WIDE Loft, COVERED - Deluxe Covered Cages - Cagetopia


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Customization: Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest


Best Guinea Pig Cage with Hutch Design: Pawhut 62" Guinea Pig Pet House 


Top Ten Cages Review and Break Down


Best Overall Cage for Guinea Pigs

Offbeat Club guinea pig cage in color gray with living room background. guinea pig hay boxes against cage

Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club

OffBeat Club offers a durable, easy to clean, and easy to build cage.  Offbeat Club C&C Cages for guinea pigs were designed for health and accessibility. With customizable grids that interlock with our durable rivets and sanitization-friendly colorplast base, this cage was made for the optimal guinea pig lifestyle. It is easy for guinea pig parent owners to play with your guinea pig because of its open lid design. You can really make it your own with quality liners that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Offbeat Club cages are known for their quality  because they design, build, sell, and ship the cages themselves.


Best Guinea Pig Cage with Lid



Living World Deluxe Habitat Rabbit Guinea Pig Cage in Color Gray


Living World Deluxe Habitat - Rabbit Cage

This Living World Deluxe habitat is the best cage with a lid because of its smart design. The lid is easy to lift while you play with your guinea pig or clean it’s cage. It is separated into two parts for easy access. It has an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base. This keeps your enclosure well ventilated.  This cage includes a hay feeder, water bottle, hideout with balcony, and a water dish. We recommend the size X-Large since it  provides the needed space for guinea pigs to stay healthy. 


Best Wooden Cage for Guinea Pigs

Extra Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage with Optional Roof in color brown.

Extra Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage with Optional Roof


This cage is designed for guinea pigs with a safe wooden base and glass front for easy viewing access. The smaller size is even ideal for 2 guinea pigs as it is enough room already. But for more space, the bigger option would be better. It has both a roof and top frame lift off vase which makes it easier to clean for owners. Make sure to apply the included clear matt wood sealer prior to use to keep your wooden enclosure looking brand new. 


Best Cage for Kids or Young Guinea Pig Owners


4x2 Kavee C&C Guinea Pig Cage with Loft & Ramp in Color Grey

4X2 C&C Kavee Cage with Loft & Ramp


This cage is designed for kids in mind since it is easy to assemble and has a fun design. It has a ramp and loft that will provide stimulation for your guinea pigs. It also comes in a large variety of colors. It is easy to access for kids since there is no lid involved and they are able to easily pick them up when it is playtime. They are safe to chew and their grid coating does not come off.


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Beginners


Guinea Pig Cage C&C Cage Offbeat Club in color gray with bedding, hidey, and water bottle

Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club


This cage is easy to assemble, which makes it great for beginners. It has a large amount of square feet which is great for this C&C cage. The durable, coroplastic base helps keep bedding and food inside the cage. The sturdy grids provide good ventilation for guinea pigs. This and accessible design will help beginners feel more at ease when they are cleaning this guinea pig cage. The quality of the cage is worth the price and it is affordable compared to most C&C cages. Plus it comes with stickers so that you can show that you’re now a proud small pet owner. 


 Best Guinea Pig Cage for Affordability


Amazon Basics Small Animal Guinea Pig Cage Habitat with Accessories in brown


Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories - 42 x 24 x 20 Inches, Large

This cage is affordable due to its size and functionality. We would recommend buying the jumbo sized cage as it is the ideal amount of room for guinea pigs. It also includes a balcony and ramp. This balcony can serve as a cozy nook. It has a wire frame for ventilation and the base is made out of plastic that stops hay from getting out. It is not recommended to use this outside as it is not as weather resistant as other cages. 


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Durability

Guinea Pig C&C Cage Offbeat Club in gray inside living room with pink pillows behind it

Guinea Pig C&C Cage – Offbeat Club

OffBeat Club offers a durable cage that can take a beating from guinea pigs. It has a touch coroplast bottom that protects your floor. No liquid or solids will seep through! Offbeat Grids are coated with a non toxic special powder that doesn't remove easily. The powder makes grids more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing an aesthetically pleasing look and the longevity of your guinea pig's habitat. It comes with coroplast edge guards that prevent your guinea pig from chewing on it. But if your beloved guinea pig manages to, then it is durable enough to take the heat. A wooden mallet and zip ties are also included to secure your C&C cage even further. 


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Luxury

Cagetopia XL Guinea Pig Cage with Wide Loft, Covered Deluxe Covered Guinea Pig Cages in Yellow

XL with WIDE Loft, COVERED - Deluxe Covered Cages - Cagetopia

This cage comes in super jumbo sizing! As it should for the price point. This cage is made with durable, power-coated grids and a sturdy colorplast button. It is suitable for up to 6 guinea pigs. This cage also comes in a wide variety of colors and designs so you can fully customize it. It has two stories to it so your guinea pigs can be stimulated as they race up and down the cage. The loft is wide and is almost like a mini cage for your guinea pig. This will provide your guinea pigs hours of fun! 


Best Guinea Pig Cage for Customization

Midwest Cage Habitat Guinea Pig Cage with Green Canvas Bottom


Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

The Midwest cage has been rated best custom due to the fact of all the accessories you can get that add to the cage. Since it is a C&C cage, the grids are moveable and allow you to expand it or change the basic layout as much as you like. The canvas bottom can be bought separately and in different colors (through Etsy). And also sold separately are divider panels with a ramp so guinea pigs can climb over to a different section with ease. There’s many ramp liners to spruce it up if needed. If you want a lid, it also comes with one that you can buy.


Best Guinea Pig Cage with Hutch Design

Pawhut 62" Guinea Pig and Rabbit Wooden Outdoor Hutch and Cage Pet House Weather Resistant with Ramp


Pawhut 62" Guinea Pig Pet House

This rabbit hutch can also double as a guinea pig cage. It has a run box and a gentle sloping ramp for guinea pigs to feel stimulated. While it does not have a slide out tray for easy cleaning, there is no wire mesh floor. With its wooden design and multiple door access, this guinea pig cage is not only accessible but stylish. The wood is non toxic and durable. It provides guinea pigs with enough space to explore and does it at an affordable price point. 


FAQ About Guinea Pig Cages


Top Things to Consider When Purchasing A Guinea Pig Cage Size Easy to Clean Accessible for Bonding Easy to set up Customizable Offbeat Club Infographic


1. How large should the guinea pig cage be? 


We recommend a minimum of 8 square feet for 1 guinea pig, and 10 square feet for two guinea pigs. This is recommended by the Human Society. Guinea pigs mostly use floor space as they are open area animals. They do not burrow, climb, or jump super high as other rodents do, so they do not need a very long vertical cage. Guinea pigs need room to rummage through their hay and space to play with each other. The height of the cage is recommended to be 1 foot high or at least tall enough so other animals can’t get in. If the cage has a lid then it can be slightly shorter. 

This space is needed because without it guinea pigs can become bored and depressed easily. They need to be stimulated as they can typically live as long as 7 years. Having adequate space for your guinea pig also means that your guinea pig is likely to acquire illnesses, such as bumblefoot and heart disease. They need exercise to stay healthy just like us. 

The size of the cage is also very important not just for their health but also for their bonding experiences with other guinea pigs. If they do not have a space large enough for all the guinea pigs living in it, then it can create tension between them. They can start to become very territorial and start to fight over the resources in the cage. If they have enough room to have some personal space from each other, then they can peacefully coexist. 

2. How easy is it to clean the guinea pig cage?


Maintaining a clean cage is super important to a guinea pig. It helps prevent illnesses that could make them sick such as bumblefoot. Keep in mind if you have a skinny (or hairless) pig, cleanliness is very important because they do not have fur to protect them as other guinea pigs do. Having the proper cage setup that allows for easy cleaning will help ease the frustration of cleaning your guinea pigs’ cage. Open cages such as C&C cages will allow you to easily reach into the cage so you can take care of your guinea pigs. 

3. How to clean a guinea pig cage? 


Guinea pig owners generally follow the schedule of spot cleaning a few times a week and then a deep cleaning at least every week (depending on how messy your guinea pigs tend to be). Spot cleaning is when you clean the main parts of the guinea pig’s cage that are dirty, such as straw pieces of poop and hay. You can use a cloth to pick it up, or use a rolling hand vac that makes it easier. 

You also need to make sure they have enough fresh water. Also clean any large stains or anything that is turned over. It is basically tidying up the cage. 

Once a week you will need to clean the guinea pig’s cage fully. There are a variety of ways to do a  full cleaning of your guinea pig’s cage. But the basics of it are generally the same. 

First, put your guinea pig in a different enclosure for the cleaning. You want them to feel comfortable and secure while you clean. Second, dispose of all waste, such as bedding, feces, leftover food pieces, etc. Third, you want to wash their bedding if you are using liners (which is recommended because they are more sustainable and less messy). Also don’t forget to wash their fabric hideys!  Fifth, make sure to wipe down all their accessories and inside of the cage with a non toxic cleaning agent. Then finally replace their bedding and accessories back into the cage, along with your guinea pig friend. 

They will probably race around and explore their freshly cleaned cage. They may also popcorn, which is It’s such a joy to see!

4. Can the cage be accessible so you can easily bond with your loved guinea pigs?

Accessibility is not only key to cleaning but to the bonding process between owners and guinea pigs.The harder to access, the more you may feel that you do not want to play with them. Guinea pigs are social animals and need lots of attention. The more often they receive attention from their owners, the faster they will be able to bond. Accessibility is important to keep guinea pigs socialized and comfortable with their owners.

We also recommend keeping guinea pigs inside if you can. It will allow them to be easily accessible for cleaning and playtime. If you do decide to house your guinea pigs outside, please consider the outdoor temperature. 

The Humane Society does not advise keeping your guinea pigs outside due to lack of temperature control.  A guinea pig needs to feel warm and protected. Especially skinny pigs, who do not have much fur on their bodies, if any at all. The ideal temperature for guinea pigs is 65-75 degrees F. If they are not kept at these ideal temperatures, then they are subject to health problems, such as chronic stress, frostbite, and respiratory failure.

5. How to build or set up a guinea pig cage?

Most standard guinea pig cages come pre built, such as the ones with the plastic bottom and wired cage on top. But others require some assembly. This is usually the case for C&C cages, such as our Offbeat Club guinea pig cage because they are made up of interlocking grids and a coroplast bottom. C&C cages are usually put together with 1x1 grids which can be very time consuming, and not to mention unstable. 

But no need to fear!  Our 2x1 Offbeat Club Grids are very easy to attach and take apart. Our 2x1 grid structure is proven to create a bigger, lighter, and more stable C&C Cage. The process usually takes about an hour, and mainly consists of attaching the grids and base together securely. This is worth it since C&C cages are fully customizable and flexible to your needs. 


Click this video link for a comprehensive video on how to build a C&C cage:


Person building Offbeat Club C&C Cage in Gray Easy Assembly Easy to Set Up Tutorial

6. How easy is it to customize the cage? 


The customization of a cage is important because life is always changing. Your friend may ask you to take in their guinea pig for a couple of months until they find a new home. Or maybe one of your guinea pigs is growing ill and you need to start thinking about downsizing their living area. Customizable cages allow you to create more room or less for your guinea pig, depending on the situation. This is also a more sustainable solution because you do not have to buy a new cage and can save money for more pea flakes. 

In addition to life situations that may occur, maybe you just want to change the look of the cage. Being able to rearrange it to how you like is super convenient. C&C cages are the only cages that are able to be moved around easily since they are made of interlocking grids.  Also, the ability to create a theme for your guinea pig cage helps you to really make it your own. With an ideal cage set up, you can use a variety of liners, hideys, toys, decorations, etc that can bring your guinea pig’s environment to life. 


Note for guinea pig cage accessories:

As you’ll see in this article, some multi-platformed cages can be great for a guinea pig, but there are some rules to follow to insure your guinea pig’s safety. Guinea pigs are mostly ground animals and do not climb particularly well. If they are to use a ramp, it needs to be a gentle slope so as to not strain the guinea pig. 

Many guinea pigs also need to feel secure when they are traveling upwards, so make sure that all ramps and platforms are solid. Wire mesh ones can spark fear in guinea pigs as they can see how far they are traveling upward. 

Speaking about wire mesh ramps and platforms, they not only make a guinea pig feel unsafe, they can actually injure your guinea pigs. Wire mesh floors, ramps, platforms, wheels-anything that has little holes that can cause your guinea pig’s foot to get caught in them.  

They also can be very coarse, which can damage a guinea pig’s delicate feet. Another thing is to consider that if you are housing a hairless guinea pig that more than their delicate feet can become damaged since there is no fur between them and the coarseness of the metal. This damage to their feet and other parts of their body can cause health issues such as bumblefoot. 


Two Calico colored guinea pigs kissing on GuineaDad fleece liner inside Offbeat C&C Guinea Pig Cage

After reading this article, I hope that you were able to choose the best guinea pig cage that meets your guinea pigs’ needs. Remember that space is the first priority when choosing a guinea pig cage. If you can follow these guidelines, then your guinea pigs will be popcorning for joy in no time. 

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