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Guinea Pig Starter Bundle (Offbeat Club x GuineaDad)

$239.95 $248.80

Who is This For:

  • This bundle is intended for guinea pig parents, both experienced and new, who want the best for their guinea pigs.

What is Included:

  • Offbeat Club 2x6 C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs
  • GuineaDad Liner- 2x4 size with pocket color of your choice
  • GuineaDad Liner- 2x2 size without pocket to use as a kitchen area
  • GuineaDad Nourish Series- Timothy Hay (3-Pack)

Why It Makes the Perfect Guinea Pig Starter Bundle:

  • Offbeat Club 2x6 C&C Cage is the highest quality C&C Cage available in the market. Guinea pigs require large space to be happy and maintain a happy life.
  • GuineaDad Liner is the only bedding/ liner that we recommend for any guinea pigs out there. Their product is specifically designed to keep your guinea pig as healthy as possible. Not to mention their anti-bacterial properties and second to none high absorbency.
  • GuineaDad Nourish Series Timothy Hay goes through multiple filtration processes to ensure your guinea pigs are being provided with the freshest and best quality hay possible.
C&C Cage Recommended for 2 Guinea Pigs

2 Guinea Pigs

For 2 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 7.5 sq. ft (2x3), but preferably 10.5 sq. ft (2x4).

C&C Cages Recommended for 3 Guinea Pigs

3 Guinea Pigs

For 3 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 10.5 sq. ft (2x4), but preferably 13 sq. ft (2x5).

C&C Cage Reccomended for 4 Guinea Pigs

4 Guinea Pigs

For 4 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 13 sq. ft (2x5), but the bigger the space, the better it will be.

What makes Offbeat Club C&C Cages different from other C&C Cages?

Size Matters

Guinea pigs require ample space for them to run freely and roam around. This will help keep them active & healthy.

Since it is recommended to adopt guinea pigs in pairs, it is essential that they have a large enough space to live together & engage in playful activities while keeping themselves clean. Offbeat Club reduced the work for you by making custom, durable, 2x1 grids to make a bigger space with even less the hassle.

The C&C cage can be customized to fit the requirements of 2,4,6, or as many guinea pigs as you care for!

Designed for Efficiency

C&C cages are usually put together with 1x1 grids which can be very time consuming, and not to mention unstable. Our 2x1 Grids are very easy to attach and take apart. Our2x1 grid structure is proven to create a bigger, lighter, and more stable C&C Cage.

Our Offbeat Club C&C Grid hole sizes measure approximately 1.4 inches, so they offer the safety that guinea pigs and bunnies need to live happy and securely.

Versatile Features

Our Offbeat coroplast guards are round, smooth, and covers the edges coroplast opening, to make it safe, yet hard for a guinea pig's teeth to access. Our coroplast is thick and durable and does not allow any liquid or solids to seep through, making clean up a breeze!

Our Offbeat anti-slip connectors are made of silicon and plastic, which helps grip the floor and avoid the cage from sliding.

Our Offbeat Grids are coated with a special powder that doesn't remove easily. The powder makes grids are more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing an aesthetically pleasing look and the longevity of your guinea pig's habitat.

Guinea Pig Starter Bundle (Offbeat Club x GuineaDad)

$239.95 $248.80