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Cage Size Matters.

Try Offbeat Club's C&C cages for guinea pigs. Different sizes available.


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Hay, Hay, Hay!

Feed your small pets only the best.

Offbeat Club

Why Care About C&C Cage Size?

New blog post up! Read why space is important for your guinea pigs.

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Offbeat Club

Who We Are

At Offbeat Club we aim to be a source of credible information and supplier of exceptional products for our loving pet parents. Every product we carry is supplemented with information regarding the suitability of that product for different needs to ensure that every purchase by a pet parent reflects a safe and sound decision.

What Our Customers Have to Say

My piggies love their new pen! My piggies are so much happier with more room to run around and play. The plastic liner protects my floors and makes it so easy to keep clean.

Michelle B.

Easy to put together - The C&C cage we purchased is terrific! I am not particularly good at putting things together but between myself and my 10 year old we put the cage together no problem! Our guinea pigs love having the extra room!

Becky C.

Excelente quality - So much easier to clean and my granpigies loved it. 😍

Antonia L.

Top quality product - I was using a variety of products, including the original C&C cage makers (at least they claim), but this was the highest quality solution. The corroplast is so durable and easy to clean with a simple wipe or sweep, and the cages are designed to be durable as well, and keep piggies in. I recently had to separate one piggie from the others, and he did some martial arts like moves to climb the shorter fences I had built. But this one he couldn’t conquer…so I know my piggies are safe. :)

Maya B.

Excellent purchase!! I’m really happy that I bought this cage. It took me a fat minute to figure out what I was doing, but once I did it was very easy! It’s super easy to clean too. I definitely appreciated how clean and nicely cut everything looked. If you’re looking for a good cage for your guinea pigs I recommend this!!

Breanna A.

Best decision I made! - This GuineaDad liner has been amazing! I used to use a recycled paper bedding and noticed my piggies would sneeze a couple times a day. They also were very messy in their pen. Since changing to the liner they are much cleaner and seem to have potty trained themselves! I use a rectangular tray that I put hay in and they pee and poop it. There are only a few stray little poops on the liner that can easily be vacuumed or swept up daily. I no longer dread cleaning their pen! Oh and they seem so much happier in their new OffBeat pen and GuineaDad liner! Thank you!!!

Michelle B.