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Offbeat Club

C&C Cages for Rabbits (Grids, Base & Others)

$125.95 $134.95

Housing one or many rabbits requires a durable (they will chew!), easy to clean (they can be messy!), and easy to build (they won't help!) habitat. Our Offbeat Club C&C cages for rabbits were designed to overcome issues with existing cages on the market. Our C&C Cages for rabbits are roomier, lighter, easier to clean and build, and cheaper than other cages in the market. That's because we design, build, sell, and ship the cages ourselves. Upgrade your furry friend’s home for a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Offbeat Club C&C cages are known to be very easy to assemble. Our cage kit includes:

  • Grids (sized for your cage)
  • Tough coroplast bottom to protect your floor
  • Coroplast edge guards to prevent your rabbit from chewing on it
  • Plastic rivets & rivet fastener to set up your coroplast base
  • Wooden mallet and zip ties to secure your C&C cage
  • Offbeat Club Stickers

To dress up your cage & prevent your rabbit from slipping, we recommend to add a GuineaDad Liner - hands down the best liner/bedding option for either rabbits and guinea pigs, they fit perfectly inside our Offbeat Club C&C Cages for rabbits and guinea pigs.

What makes Offbeat Club C&C Cages different from other C&C Cages?

Spacious Lifestyle

Why keep your rabbit in an enclosed cage where they can barely move? With Offbeat Club's C&C cage, your pet rabbit has much more space to move around & stand up without hitting its head on the cage.

The open top also allows you to easily pick up your rabbit when you want to hold or play with them. Compared to the C&C cage for guinea pigs, we made this twice the height to prevent your bunnies from jumping over.

Designed for Efficiency

C&C cages are usually put together with 1x1 grids which can be very time consuming. Offbeat Club reduced the work for you by making custom, durable, 2x1 grids.

Offbeat Club grids are bigger than typical C&C Cages making them look more aesthetically pleasing and convenient to put together. The best part is that C&C Cage can be customized to meet your rabbit's needs!

Versatile Features

Our coroplast is thick and durable and does not allow any liquid or solids to seep through, making clean up a breeze!

Coated with a special powder, our grids are more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing the longevity of your rabbit's habitat.

With anti-slip connectors made of both plastic and silicon, the grids are easier to attach and grip the floor making the structure more stable.

C&C Cages for Rabbits (Grids, Base & Others)

$125.95 $134.95