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C&C Cages


Housing one or many guinea pigs requires a durable (they will chew!), easy to clean (they will poo!), and easy to build (they won't help!) habitat. Our C&C cages were designed to overcome issues with existing cages on the market. Our cages are roomier, lighter, easier to clean and build, and cheaper than other cages in the market. That's because we design, build, sell, and ship the cages ourselves


Guinea pigs require ample space for them to run freely and roam around. This will help keep them active & healthy.

Since it is recommended to adopt guinea pigs in pairs, it is essential that they have a large enough space to live together & engage in playful activities while keeping themselves clean.

To learn more about why cage size matters, visit our blog post on C&C cages.

2 Guinea Pigs

For 2 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 7.5 sq. ft, but preferably 10.5 sq. ft.

3 Guinea Pigs

For 3 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 10.5 sq. ft, but preferably 13 sq. ft.

4 Guinea Pigs

For 4 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 13 sq. ft, but the bigger the space, the better it will be.

Peaceful Bond

With an abundance of space, guinea pigs won't feel stressed with each other's presence. If they feel like they need some time alone, they will have the freedom to roam to a quiet place, resulting in a peaceful relationship between each other.

Less Stress and More Personality

There has been many cases in which guinea pig owners witness their guinea pig's true personality emerge once providing them with bigger space. Bigger space provides guinea pigs with a basic enrichment of having the room for exercise!

For a Healthier Mind and Body

When given space, guinea pigs are free to roam and exercise at their leisure. This helps to reduce the chances of developing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, etc.

Vet & Animal Expert Approved

Cages sold at pet stores are often times too small for the intended animal. Guinea pigs and rabbits require larger living spaces as stated by the Humane Society.

C&C cages were introduced as a customizable, scaleable solution to provide the necessary space for our pets can thrive!

Easy to Build

With screw like rivets, longer grids, inclusive tools, pre-cut foldable coroplast, and tools included, you'll wonder: is this all it takes?!

Cage Kit Includes:

Grids (sized for your cage), Coroplast bottom, Plastic rivets, Rivet fastener, Coroplast edge guard, Wooden Mallet, and Zip Ties

Designed for Efficiency

C&C cages are usually put together with 1x1 grids which can be very time consuming. Offbeat Club reduced the work for you by making custom, durable, 2x1 grids.

Made for Your Growing Family

The C&C cage can be customized to fit the requirements of 2,4,6, or as many guinea pigs as you care for!

Easy to Clean

Our coroplast is thick and durable and does not allow any liquid or solids to seep through, making clean up a breeze!

Tough Enough

Coated with a special powder, our grids are more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing the longevity of your guinea pig's habitat.

Slip Resistant

With anti-slip connectors, the grids are easier to attach, all the while making the structure more stable.

Aesthetically Versatile

Your C&C cage comes in a sleek neutral ash-gray to complement all types of interiors!

Some Guinea Pigs Require more Space

Some guinea pigs require more space, whether it may be due to gender or just personality. If you have any questions on what size is more suitable, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Free Shipping!

We ship to all contiguous states of the United States through USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL.

All of our orders are processed within a business day and shipped on the same or following business day. 

C&C Cages

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Breanna A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent purchase!!

I’m really happy that I bought this cage. It took me a fat minute to figure out what I was doing, but once I did it was very easy! It’s super easy to clean too. I definitely appreciated how clean and nicely cut everything looked. If you’re looking for a good cage for your guinea pigs I recommend this!!

Offbeat Club

Hi Breanna, Thank you so much! We're very glad that you are satisfied with your purchase. We very much appreciate the recommendation. We hope your piggies enjoy living in it!

Maya B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Top quality product

I was using a variety of products, including the original C&C cage makers (at least they claim), but this was the highest quality solution. The corroplast is so durable and easy to clean with a simple wipe or sweep, and the cages are designed to be durable as well, and keep piggies in. I recently had to separate one piggie from the others, and he did some martial arts like moves to climb the shorter fences I had built. But this one he couldn’t conquer…so I know my piggies are safe. :)

Offbeat Club

Hi Maya, Thank you for the words of affirmation. We hope that your guinea pigs are enjoying the C&C cage. We're glad that you like it and hope your piggies love them too!

Michelle B.
United States United States
My piggies love their new pen!

My piggies are so much happier with more room to run around and play. The plastic liner protects my floors and makes it so easy to keep clean.

Offbeat Club

We're happy your piggies can now run around in much more space. Thank you for trusting Offbeat Club! Keep exploring our website for other guinea pig products!

Becky C.
United States United States
Easy to put together

The C&C cage we purchased is terrific! I am not particularly good at putting things together but between myself and my 10 year old we put the cage together no problem! Our guinea pigs love having the extra room!

Offbeat Club

We're so happy to hear that you and your piggies love the cage. And wow - good job to your 10 year old for helping put it together!