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GuineaDad Nourish Series - Timothy Hay (3 Pack)


Benefits of Timothy Hay

  • Recommended by Veterinarians: Veterinarians around the world recommend feeding timothy hay due to its high fiber content, low calcium, and relatively low protein levels.
  • Even More Health Benefits: Unlimited, high quality, hay aids in keeping the molars of rabbits and guinea pigs an appropriate length. They especially love nibbling on the coarse seed heads!
  • Never Worry About Refilling the Hay Rack Again: With innovatively designed packaging that replaces the need for a hay rack, your small pets have easy access to all the hay they can eat, reducing mess and saving you time.
  • Packed With More Hay and Less Dust: Using a state of the art machine, GuineaDad removes fine particles of dust from the Timothy grass hay thereby providing more enrichment for your pets to enjoy!


Timothy Hay is an essential staple of the Guinea pig, Rabbit, and Chinchilla diet! 

  • Healthy & Safe - Unfiltered Timothy Hay can come with very fine dust, yellowed hay, tree branches, bird feathers, and even rocks. Our hay goes through a dust filter to filter out small debris. Our team then hand picks out anything that shouldn’t belong in your small pets' home to ensure that every guinea pig can eat safely with the best quality hay. Each box is then hand packed with love.
  • Convenient Packaging - GuineaDad Nourish Series comes in a patent pending and creatively designed packaging that you can hang on the cage wall as a hay rack. The perforated holes give your piggies access to hay while keeping it secured in place. No more dust and pieces of hay flying everywhere!

  • Each box will last:
    • 1 Guinea pig - About 30 days
    • 2 Guinea Pigs - About 14 days
    • 3 Guinea Pigs  - About 10 days.

  • Product Dimension:
    • Dimension: 13in x 10.5in x 5in
    • Net Weight: 9 lb (3 lb x 3)



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  • Please be sure to use the separate shipping box to send back all the components of the items to prevent damage during shipping, just like how it was shipped to you
  • Please contact us if any product is defective due to manufacturing issues (GuineaDad Liner shrinkage is not considered as a defect, and does not qualify for returns/exchanges)
  • Return shipping labels will be provided for returns due to product and/or manufacturer errors. In all other cases, customers will be responsible for return shipping costs

Dust Free

Each hay goes through a dust filtration system removing fine dust particles that are common annoyance to your small pets

Mess Free

No longer having to transfer hay from a bag to a rack, it removes the unnecessary mess and waste

Stress Free

With each box lasting more than a week, you no longer have to worry if your small pet has enough hay in their living quarters. Hang a box and be stress free for a multitude of time!

How Much Hay

Do Guinea Pigs and Rabbits require?

According to Veterinarians, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits require an unlimited amount of Timothy Hay at all times. This not only helps with their digestive system, but also helps to maintain their dental health.

Types of Hay

Grass hay (Timothy grass hay, Orchard grass hay, etc.) are usually high in fiber, low in protein, calcium, and calories. Timothy grass hay is recommended by animal care experts due to its ease on animals' digestive system and promotion of bowel movements. 

Legume hay (most common for guinea pigs are Alfalfa legume hay) are usually high in protein, calcium, and contains more calories then grass hay, while being lower in fiber. The high protein can lead to obesity and the high calcium can lead to bladder stone formation.

Why Timothy Hay?

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits metabolize calcium in a different manner from other species. They Absorb a high amount of calcium filtering it through their kidney and secreting it in urine (visible when there is white residue from their urine). There is a limit to how much their kidney can filter, eventually leading to bladder stones. For these reasons, timothy grass hay is recommended over alfalfa, or other types of hay because it provides the essential nutrients while having low calcium content.

GuineaDad Nourish Series - Timothy Hay (3 Pack)