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Offbeat Club

C&C Cage Grids

$49.95 $54.95

Whether you are looking to upgrade your C&C cage aesthetics to beautifully blend in with your room or expand your cage, here they are. 

Offbeat Club C&C Cage Grid hole sizes measure approximately 1.4 inches, so they offer the safety that guinea pigs and bunnies need to live happy and securely.


What's Included

All kits include wooden mallet and zip ties to secure your cage

2x3 Grid Kit: 4 x Long grids | 2 x Short grids | 12 x Connectors

    2x4 Grid Kit: 6 x Long grids | 12 x Connectors

      2x5 Grid Kit: 6 x Long grids | 2 x Short grids | 16 x Connectors

        2x6 Grid Kit: 8 x Long grids | 16 x Connectors

          2x7 Grid Kit: 8 x Long grids | 2 x Short grids | 20 x Connectors

            2x8 Grid Kit: 10 x Long grids | 20 x Connectors

              4 Long Grids: 4 x Long grids | 8 x Connectors

                8 Short Grids: 8 x Short grids | 16 x Connectors

                C&C Cage Recommended for 2 Guinea Pigs

                2 Guinea Pigs

                For 2 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 7.5 sq. ft, but preferably 10.5 sq. ft.

                C&C Cages Recommended for 3 Guinea Pigs

                3 Guinea Pigs

                For 3 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 10.5 sq. ft, but preferably 13 sq. ft.

                C&C Cage Reccomended for 4 Guinea Pigs

                4 Guinea Pigs

                For 4 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 13 sq. ft, but the bigger the space, the better it will be.

                Efficient Features

                Coated with a special powder, our grids are more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing the longevity of your guinea pig's habitat.

                With anti-slip connectors, the grids are easier to attach, all the while making the structure more stable.

                C&C Cage Grids

                $49.95 $54.95