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Offbeat Club

C&C Cage Bases

$39.95 $54.95

Each Coroplast base comes with the following

  • Coroplast base - Helps to keep cage clean and also easier to clean
  • Edge Guards - Prevents guinea pigs from biting on the edges increasing durability
  • Rivets - Screw like rivet ensures the coroplast are held together
  • Rivet Tighteners - included to assist with tightening or loosening the rivets
  • Midwest - W 46.25" x L 22.5" x H 4"
  • 2x3 - W 41" x L 27" x H 6"
  • 2x4 - W 56" x L 27" x H 6"
  • 2x5 - W 69.5" x L 27" x H 6"
  • 2x6 - W 84.5" x L 27" x H 6" 

Why C&C?

C&C Cage is a type of cage made of cubes and coroplast. It is a cage that is highly recommended by animal enthusiasts along with veterinarians alike. What makes C&C cage so unique is the fact that the layout and sizing is completely customizable to however you'd like.

C&C Cage Recommended for 2 Guinea Pigs

2 Guinea Pigs

For 2 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 7.5 sq. ft (2x3), but preferably 10.5 sq. ft (2x4).

C&C Cages Recommended for 3 Guinea Pigs

3 Guinea Pigs

For 3 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 10.5 sq. ft (2x4), but preferably 13 sq. ft (2x5).

C&C Cage Reccomended for 4 Guinea Pigs

4 Guinea Pigs

For 4 Guinea pigs it is recommended to have a minimum space of 13 sq. ft (2x5), but the bigger the space, the better it will be.

Top Quality Base

Our coroplast is thick and durable and does not allow any liquid or solids to seep through, making clean up a breeze!

Our base also comes with screw tight rivets. The screw tight rivets make the base of the Offbeat Club C&C Cage safer and sturdier for your piggies.

C&C Cage Bases

$39.95 $54.95