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A Visit to Nevada SPCA

Offbeat Club is a proud partner & supporter of the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). We believe that all pets deserve to be cared for and loved, and it is our intention to help the organization’s ideals in keeping these animals healthy & finding them a home where they belong.


Last January 8 & 22, 2021, we were fortunate enough to be allowed to visit the animal shelter to understand the help that the organization needs. As a sign of gratitude for Nevada SPCA’s continued support towards Offbeat Club, boxes of timothy hay were handed to Amy Lee, the organization’s Communications Manager, and Megan Waldron, Manager for Small Mammals, to ensure that rescued rabbits and guinea pigs will have adequate supply of food.

Nevada SPCA receiving donations from Offbeat Club

Click this link to learn more about GuineaDad Timothy Hay boxes.

Meet the Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

A special section of the animal shelter was provided for our beloved guinea pigs & rabbits. The current guinea pigs are actually using Offbeat Club’s C&C cages: one for females, and one for males. The two 2x4 cages donated to the Nevada SPCA are perfect for the number of guinea pigs the organization is caring for. It gives them more room for their hideys & play accessories.

Guinea pig in Offbeat Club's 2x4 C&C Cage

A Call for Help

We encourage everyone to visit Nevada SPCA’s website to learn more about the current rescues and the process of adopting them. As part of our advocacy for these animals, we shall be featuring them on our Instagram page so that we can spread the word regarding these animals and the great job that the Nevada SPCA has been doing to take care of them.

While guinea pigs get adopted quickly these days, we still want to generate awareness of them as well as the other small animals that they currently house, including rabbits.

For more information, visit the Nevada SPCA website by clicking on this link.

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